Yes, that’s the reason I’ve decided to write a blog.  To be absolutely honest, it’s mostly because I’m entirely too lazy to actually sit with something as archaic as a pen and paper to write out my thoughts.  While I have no illusions that anyone other than myself will give a monkey’s about what’s going through my head, I do derive some amusement from the idea that occasionally some errant internet traveller, lost beyond hope of redemption in the internet wilds, will stumble across my words and then head screaming back into the wilderness.  Since I’m also off to medical school here shortly, and will be spending some time in the military (again), perhaps the occasional post I make will cause Google to send a unsuspecting denizen my way.  If that’s you, welcome.  If you’re interested in my military or medical experiences, I’m happy to relate them.  If you’re here to complain, bugger off; this is my party and I’ll dance how I like.  Right then, off we go.