Good morning, gentle readers.

If you play Farmville, or you’re easily offended, you should probably stop reading. I’m in a mood this morning, and so I’m somewhat more venomous than usual (which is saying something). Should you continue to read and get angry, however, I encourage you to take a picture of your outraged face and send it to me. I’m making a collage. I also realise that it’s perhaps somewhat of a faux pas to disappear for two years and then come back with a rant, but I suspect I’ll survive the shame. Besides, it’s this or study for the USMLE.

I’ve long been of the opinion that Facebook is, with the possible exception of MySpace, the most irrefutable proof of the stupidity that infests the majority of our species. I’m not just talking about the morons who post IN ALL CAPS or feel the need to truncate the word ‘you’. We’re talking the self-absorbed, criminally-stupid, indiscriminately-breeding, mouth-breathing genetic monstrosities that comprise a significant portion of the online social networking populace.
For your entertainment, I present an article. The article itself is of no importance, being a fairly boring opinion blurb on the merging of AOL and Facebook logins. What raises this article to greatness are the comments. You see, a quirk of Google’s search algorithm resulted in this particular article being in the top spot for the term ‘Facebook login’. Evidently a large number of the Farmville-playing crowd are confused by typing in addresses, and choose instead to type ‘Facebook login’ into Google, and then hit the I’m Feeling Lucky button…which brings them to the linked page.

Which isn’t Facebook.

And won’t let them log-in to Facebook.

Ladies and gentlemen, the future of the species: